Datacenter Services

A safe and accessible environment for all your data

For companies the ICT availability has become a basic requirement for the daily business operations.

As a result, we see an exponential growth in demand for datacenters but especially towards disaster recovery and business continuity solutions.

To meet this demand for a high ICT availability, Kristall IT worked out a range of services that allows companies to build a cost-efficient and future-oriented ICT environment.

Datacenter solutions and services:

  • Dedicated housing of your servers and storage in our Luxembourg Tier IV datacenter.
  • Our datacenter has redundant carrier rooms and has carrier neutral connectivity with the main telecom operators
  • Host your applications
  • "On demand" is server and storage capacity available

Infrastructure specifications:

  • Air sampling smoke detection
  • Neutral (nitrogen) gas fire suppression and extinction
  • Water leakage detection
  • A three-dimensional earth and grounding concept, compliant with Sun, HP & IBM recommendations
  • A multi-zone intrusion detection and access control is centrally supervised by permanent 24/7x365 security guards.
  • All technical systems are monitored and the data is recorded. The data is used for fault management but its main purpose is to control the quality of the power and cooling that are delivered. In turn this provides important input to efficiently manage the sites’ energy (PUE).

Green Energy

“Green” and “Sustainable” are far from being buzz words in our datacenter. They drive our day-to-day business and, as part of our social responsibility, translate our continuous commitment to the community.

  1. To address the major energy drain, of which cooling represents the main part in a datacenter, Kristall IT exclusively uses free cooling when outside temperatures are below 8°C, thus substantially reducing the energy bill. When temperatures are above 8°C, Kristall IT reverts to hybrid cooling towers. This technology does not require the additional supply of cooling water for temperatures ranging from 8°C to 27°C, resulting in a low ecological impact. As Kristall IT is committed to continuously improving its general efficiency, Kristall IT’s next generation of datacenters will use waterless cooling stations.
  2. The Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and transformer infrastructure has been designed and optimized to support variable loads and capacities at the lowest possible energy consumption levels, without impacting datacenter operations.
  3. The building management system includes a separate redundant power management system, which provides continuous monitoring and recording of energy conversion and distribution. An abnormality in efficiency and/or quality of power could be traced down to the single rack and immediately acted upon.
  4. Heat required within the datacenter is largely self-produced, reverting to a heat conversion system with a capacity of 105 kW.
  5. Lighting and lighting control ranks among the least suspected savings factors in Green-IT. Yet, with the measures undertaken by Kristall IT, lighting and its associated costs are decreased to 30 to 50% of normal operation.