More Efficient Meetings

Modern technologies make your meetings interactive and more efficient!

SMART kapp™: The flipchart with a modern twist!

Do you walk regularly with the large sheets of flipchart paper to your desk to work out the notes? This is history with the SMART kapp.

SMART kapp turns your flipchart over into a museum piece, and introduces a whole new way of working! You simply write with a standard whiteboard pen on the SMART kapp. The text can be viewed directly on any mobile device: smartphone, tablet or computer. Your annotations are easily stored and shared.


  •       Ecological: no more paper.

  •       Notes should no longer be transferred.

  •       Share in real time your notes with other participants.

  •       Notes are saved directly to USB.

  •       After the session all notes are send by email as PDF file.

SMART kapp the dry erase board reinvented !

SMART kapp iQ™ The Display Reimagined !

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Video conferencing like you never experienced before!

Need audio conferencing, video conferencing or web conferencing? We’ve got that. Want to connect your conference rooms to meeting participants in a variety of locations on any number of devices? We do that too. Looking for a solution to help you host large team meetings and record the presentations for future use? Look no further.

Lifesize is the only company to combine a radically simple cloud-based service with award-winning video conference call systems and mobile applications. The solution gives you the ultimate combination of ease of use and brilliant video, letting you meet anyone, anywhere, just like you are sitting in the same room.