Total it management
Complete IT management of your company

Focus on Your Business,

Let us Focus on Your IT.

Kristall IT offers complete IT Infrastructure management services, so can focus on your business.

Let us start by explaining what we, at Kristall IT, mean by "Complete IT Infrastructure Management."

First, when someone comes to us asking us to help them with their information technology, they usually have a specific need they are looking to fill. Could be a specific project, like setting up some machines they recently purchased, help determining if they should move to the "clouds," or maybe they have just gone through so many other technology providers and have been unable to fix nagging issues. Everytime we endeavor to assist a new client, there is one constant we always find in the environment, and that is a clear lack of a comprehensive approach to their IT Infrastructure.  Their IT Infrastructure is, in a word, "Incomplete."


These offerings start with basic maintenance and management and can be customized to fit your exact needs. We offer a straightforward pathway to determining the support you need. Clients can select from three different service levels.

Whether you already have an internal IT department, you're looking for additional expertise and support, or need a comprehensive solution for all of your support needs we have the plan that fits your budget.


Remote Backup & Disaster Recovery provides online backup service that allows clients to backup valuable computer data over the internet. Remote Backup and Recovery automates the process of backing up data offsite. Backups begin automatically and data is sent to and stored in two redundant storage facilities located hundreds of miles apart. Data is encrypted, and always remains encrypted using a unique 256 bit encryption key that only clients possess. Take the first step to securing your company from disaster.&


Anti-virus and Spyware Security is essential for any business machine connected to the internet. In this age of always connected machines, your employees are in constant danger of falling victim to spyware and virus attacks. This can be extremely costly for your business. Let us help you stay protected with our fully managed Endpoint Security Protection.


Anti-spam Protection is an essential component to every email system. E-mail is constantly cluttering up business inboxes and is a cause of untold loss in productivity. Additionally, it is a potential security risk to unsuspecting employees and employers. Let us help you keep your inbox clear of spam and your employees productive.


DNS Hosting is a primary function that allows clients to maintain a presence on the internet. Everything from email to remote access to keeping client web sites accessible relies heavily on making sure that the domain name is managed properly. Our DNS hosting services is a very cost effective, complimentary service to your existing IT support agreement. Let us help you manage your place on the internet and keep your vital systems accessible.


On-Site Support is sometimes an essential need to addressing business critical outages. While our core service mitigates 98% of all support needs remotely, we understand that from time to time clients will need onsite support. We provide clients with a number of options for on-site support in order to keep cost low.